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Owing to its adverse effects on an individual’s health, the use of substances like tobacco or marijuana has almost never been supported by health care practitioners. Also, both these drugs are usually put on the same pedestal since they are made of many similar components. Contrasting this supposition, a new study by UCSF highlights that effect of marijuana on the lungs is not as adverse as that of tobacco.

The study has investigated the relation between current as well as lifetime exposure marijuana and pulmonary function. In its first phase, the Coronary Artery Risk Development in Young Adults analyzed medical data of 5,115 females and males in four different cities across the U.S. from 1985-2006.

The team measured the air flow rate along with the lung volume of the subjects, which should be approximately six liters for an adult male. Using a spirometer, they also measured the air flow of participants when breathing in and out. In the case of marijuana users, the rate of air…

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