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QCOSTARICA ( Marijuana, the most widely consumed illegal drug in Costa Rica, began to flood the country about three years ago with an oversupply that confronts criminal organizations, which are fighting to dominate the local marijuana.

Last February authorities seized half a ton of marijuana and 641 kilos of cocaine in Sierpe de Osa. The entry of marijuana through the Pacific is becoming more frequent. (MSP)

This invasion of marijuana that comes from Colombia aboard ships that enter through the Pacific, competes with the one that traditionally arrives from Jamaica through the Caribbean.

The fact that it enters from another area, at a cheaper price and with a quality similar to Jamaican, causes this dispute generated between criminal groups that try to sell in other territories and that is where the confrontations arise. This abundance of drugs, warns Rándall Zúñiga, interim director of the Organismo de Investigación Judicial (OIJ) is one of the main factors that affects the excessive increase in homicides.

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Beyond the traditional shipments of cocaine, which are mostly destined for re-export to Europe and the United States, from one moment to the next, the coast guard began to notice that drug boats brought marijuana or arrived with mixed shipments.

Where cocaine is mostly for export, much of the marijuana is for the local market.

In addition to this, last year a shipment of three tons of marijuana from Mexico was seized in a trailer,…

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