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When using medical marijuana for pain relief people think of smoking or edibles. But there are other options available that might also bring relief. The main reasons people use marijuana is for chronic pain relief. Many research studies have proven that marijuana is an effective medicine. There have been many trusted source findings that suggest that it has positive results with chronic pain.

For those that hate to smoke in order to find relief there are other products out there. These are perfect for those people who want the benefits of cannabis. Without having to smoke, vape or consume the THC content of the marijuana plant. It also means they will avoid getting high or take narcotics meanwhile getting the benefits of marijuana pain relief.

Extracted CBD

CBD is one of over 120 cannabinoid compounds found in the marijuana plant. CBD does not generate an euphoric “high” or psychoactive effect. Unlike other cannabinoids such as tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD has no impact on the same receptors as THC.

CBD is a compound distinctly different from THC which has very complicated effects. It does not generate a “high” or alter the minds state. It causes the body to more efficiently use its own endocannabinoids, for a natural “non THC” marijuana pain relief.

In the natural hemp and cannabis plants, there are unique levels of compounds. Each one has various levels of CBD, depending on the strain of plant and land practices. The majority of CBD oil is produced from industrial hemp. Which typically has a higher CBD content than marijuana extracted from the cannabis plant.

Scientific research has found that inflammation and pain symptoms decreased significantly. With the use of CBD oil for pain and arthritis without adverse side effects.

Tea for Marijuana Pain Relief

Evidence suggests that drinking cannabis infused beverages could help pain relief. Cannabinoids have pain-fighting qualities, and compounds found in marijuana such as THC and CBD. The active ingredients are absorbed in the digestive system and liver when you consume a cannabis beverage. Typically, the effectiveness of the tea needs around 30-90 minutes to take effect providing continuous pain relief.

Cannabis contains antioxidants which aid cell repair and help prevent damage to our DNA. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory system that can assist with inflammation.

Cannabis tea can be made in many ways, depending on your individual preferences, using many distinct ingredients. Here is a simple and quick recipe, that will help you get some marijuana pain relief.

  • 1 flower of decarboxylate dried herb (potency depends on the amount and strain used)
  • 1 teaspoon Dried Chamomile flowers
  • Add all dried flowers in a tea infuser and steep in hot water for 5-10 minutes
  • Depending on your preference you can add honey or coconut milk for added flavor

Cannabis Infused Topicals

Another solution for those seeking marijuana pain relief without the psychoactive effects are topical balms. Whether you have joint pain or aching muscles, the appropriate cannabinoid infused balms can provide comfort relief.

There are hundreds of topical ointment has been introduced on the market that have been infused with marijuana cannabidiol (CBD).

Science and specialists agree many of the claims about cannabis topicals are marketing hype. They are not evidence based until more research and positive results are provided.

Science has not confirmed the benefits of CBD topicals. But the risk of trying cannabis balms is very small, other than loosing your money. Some people might find that trying topicals might give them some localized relief.

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