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A MARIJUANA plantation inside a home was discovered when the owner refused to pay their electricity bill.

The house in the quiet Valencian town of Albalat Dels Tarongers was raided with police finding more than 750 potted plants and almost 2,500 buds.

Officers say the ‘farmer’ had put in place a special heating system as well as noise and odour inhibitors.

Each room of the house was being used for a key stage in the cultivation process fromseedlings to growing, flowering, harvesting, and drying.

Three people were arrested.

Police suspicions were raised when illegal connections to a communal power system were made. The property owner’s refusal to pay their own bill in order to maximise his profit led police to the culprit.

Electricity company Iberdrola noticed a rise in electricity usage coming from a specific location and took matters into their own hands.

The specialists at Iberdrola noticed a sudden change in how much electric was being used and notified police immediately. And it didn’t take authorities much time to figure out the reason behind it.

Spain has the biggest Marijuana production in all of Europe, giving authorities plenty to deal with. Yet it is cases like these and petty criminals who focused on money and profit, that end up giving themselves away and making the job simpler for the investigating police officer.


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