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Eliminate Marijuana Smell

Do you want to eliminate marijuana smell from your  room, home or apartment. If you want to be acceptable to your co-workers, neighbors who find marijuana smell a turn off. In cases when you have anything career or personal social obligation. Nobody would want their clothes, personal property or their apartment to reek of the odor they ritualize over.

Or if you want your cannabis habits to remain private. You can maintain respect and secrecy. Through a few useful tricks to mask yourself or your home with the smell of cannabis.

The flavor and unique aroma of cannabis is mainly due to the terpenes and terpenoids. These terpenes play a role in determining the flavor, smell, and effects of any cannabis strain you smoke. Here are a several things to do in order to diminish or eliminate the marijuana smell. Continue to read and learn.

How to Eliminate Personal Hygiene Marijuana Smell

Let’s start with personal hygiene. After having to handle or smoke, weed smell lingers on your fingers, hair and skin. This is a ‘ skunky ‘ scent that those around you can readily notice.

After you smoking or handling marijuana, wash your hands and face. Cannabis oils are absorbed into your pores and will linger there for hours. Using a scented soap, or body wash will help open your pores and wash out the skunky marijuana smell.

Marijuana smoke accumulates and collects in your hair along with the weed smell. Making it absolutely necessary to shower and wash your hair with a scented body and hair product.

Eliminate Marijuana Smell in your home

Having your boss or someone you don’t care to share your personal habits over to your apartment.

Nag Champa is all natural Indian fragrance, based on a mixture of magnolia and sandalwood or frangipani and sandalwood. Its strong, continual odor has been a source for eliminating bad unwanted odors. As well as the indoor odor of marijuana smell. The additional benefit is that the chemicals used in artificial room air fresheners can be avoided.

Wash away the Marijuana Smell

The smell of marijuana will not only be absorbed by your skin but also your clothing. This is a very easy fix wash your clothing often, don’t let it linger around the house for days.

Keep a smoking jacket, or any clothing article reserved for those special smoking occasion(s). This will help you keep your everyday clothing smelling clean without the hassle of doing laundry as often.

Create a Private smoking room or closet

Avoid smoking in the rooms where you have a lot of clothing and in bedrooms. The marijuana smell will attach itself to all things fabric and will mean more clothes to wash. If you are lucky enough to have a spare room or closet use it as your personal smoking space.

You can buy a foam weather insulator that is used to keep winter cold air out. By installing it around your door you will keep the smell confined just to that room.

Smoking Filters

High-quality, active carbon home air purifiers help tremendously in eliminating marijuana smell. HEPA air purifiers, significantly reduce smoke and cannabis odor in your living area. Smoke particle and activated smoke particles are collected by HEPA-style filtration to get rid of odors. A HEPA filter is intended to remove 99.97 percent of 0.3 microns or bigger particles.

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