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Dear Stoner: As far as weed standards go, do any weed strains taste like coffee or chocolate?

Dear LeAnne: There are a handful of strains with chocolate, coffee or nutty notes that would hit the right tastebuds, with Chocolope and Bubba Kush being the first that come to mind. Both are classic varieties, though they’re becoming increasingly harder to find. Bubba Kush is renowned for relaxing effects and strong coffee flavors, while Chocolope — whose flavor profile isn’t hard to guess — is more uplifting.

click to enlarge Pudding Pop produces a relaxing high if the name doesn't weird you out. - HERBERT FUEGO

Pudding Pop produces a relaxing high if the name doesn’t weird you out.

Herbert Fuego

Oreoz, Peanut Butter Breath and Pudding Pop are more modern strains that carry chocolate and nutty flavors, and they’re relatively easy to find around Colorado. If you’re feeling more vanilla-inclined, Marshmallow OG and White Russian are two delicious options. And for a fruity spin with an energizing high, Cherry Cake is an underrated choice. The smoke reminds me of chocolate-covered oranges and berries, and the high is long-lasting without much of a comedown. Start the day with Cherry Cake, end with Bubba Kush, and save Oreoz for trips to another planet.

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