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CHICAGO — A restaurant opened in Wicker Park Monday aimed at curing Chicagoan’s munchies.

A couple of former stock traders have decided to capitalize on cannabis culture with the opening of “Cheba Hut,” located near the intersection of Damen and Division.

Chris Custer, 51, and Lance Frericks, 48, were business partners at the Chicago Board of Trade for two decades.

When the old “open outcry” trading pits gave way to the digital age, it was time to get out.

“You’re trading against computers,” said Custer. “They’re one step ahead of you as a human.”

They had the business skills and the personal chemistry to find a new venture, and found a spark when Illinois legalized recreationally marijuana.

Cheba Hut is a chain with a loyal following of what you might call “weed eaters” in Colorado, Arizona and Wisconsin — but this new location is a Chicago original.

“The green wave is flourishing through the United States, so it’s not…

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