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Tinctures have been around almost as long as humans have been consuming cannabis, yet they still don’t get the shine they deserve. Unlike most edibles, the liquid extraction — which is intended for sublingual use — can be felt within minutes and offers more precise cannabis dosing without the sugar and calories carried by gummies and chocolate bars. But how often do you see tinctures on display at dispensaries?

A former medical marijuana provider and dispensary owner in Denver’s early days of commercial pot, Don Novak began making tinctures on the side. Sold on the potential of infused products early on, Novak left the dispensary business to launch several cannabis brands, but he never stopped making tinctures. His Colorado tincture label, ioVia, is now available at medical and recreational dispensaries across the state, and Novak says that recreational interest is on a slow but steady uptick.

To learn more about tinctures and what’s holding back their popularity, we caught up with the longtime cannabis businessman.

Westword: How did you get started in the cannabis industry?

Don Novak: It’s kind of wild to think about now, but we got our start in the regulated Colorado industry by providing mobile cannabis services and sales for homebound medical marijuana patients. This was before you were required to sell from a dispensary. It was an incredible opportunity to deliver our products directly to those who needed them most.

How did you end up making infused products…

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