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Marijuana wax is a highly concentrated form of marijuana more than twice as potent as dried leaf marijuana. Marijuana wax has been around for quite some time, but it has only recently gained widespread popularity.

Causing nearly instantaneous highs, extreme behavior change, hallucinations and even overdoses. Although smoking or vaping marijuana is not known to cause overdoses, marijuana wax is the exception to this rule. Called and described as shatter, wax, honeycomb, oil, crumble, earwax, dab, black glass. This form of cooked concentrated marijuana is not edible, but made to be smoked or vaped.

Marijuana wax is highly concentrated form of THC with a potency of 80% to 90%. Which is 40%-80% more THC than any dried forms of cannabis strains. With improved refining processes critically dangerous levels have been reached sometime as high as 99 percent.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process starts with a butane solvent which is filtered through a tube containing cannabis, which strips the THC out of the cannabis leaves. The butane is then burned off and allowed to evaporate. Leaving behind a highly potent sticky wax residue containing the high THC concentrates for vaporization or dabbing.

Smoking marijuana joints or vaporized marijuana typically contains 5 to 28% percent THC. In contrast one hit of marijuana wax which is about the size of a pin head is equal to about 2 joints depending on it’s THC concentration.

Marijuana wax risks

Marijuana wax increases many of the negative symptoms associates with smoking dried cannabis. Individuals that have existing anxiety, depression disorder, schizophrenia or are bipolar. By using marijuana wax will increase their negative symptoms and worsen their condition. Long term effects of using marijuana wax are yet unknown, but is is safe to say there are high risk issues when using wax. Smokers should also consider the butane molecules that are trapped in the wax and make their way into the lungs, which may eventually cause harm. Marijuana wax can cause serious long term health problems for those that consume it.

I’m definitely not a fan of marijuana wax, this product steps away from the realm of traditional marijuana. With it’s dangerously high THC levels and ability to become addictive it is a product I would never recommend to anyone to start using.

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