Martha Stewart switches cherry pie for pot as she enters the booming cannabis businessPosted by On

She has been co-hosting a show with Snoop Dogg, who memorably admits to having smoked pot in front of the White House and launched his own line of cannabis products in 2015.

Ms Stewart had been approached by a number of cannabis-linked companies who believed that her imprimatur would underline marijuana’s new-found respectability.

“I’ve been asked to design recipes and even ointments, healthy ointments for humans as well as for animals like cats and dogs,” she told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I’ve had two companies recently in my office bringing in very interesting ointments, rubs and massage creams.”

However, it was the unlikely chemistry between the home guru and the gangsta rapper, who has been working with Canopy for some time, which seems to have done the trick.

She visited the company’s headquarters in Smiths Falls, Ontario.

Bruce Linton, Canopy’s chief executive, said the duo’s…

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