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I didn’t know Orange Line trains could derail even when they’re on the highway. Shout out to my colleagues Meagan McGinnes and Hanna Ali for keeping this newsletter on the tracks yesterday during my extra-long Presidents Day weekend.

Let’s get to the news:

Last year, Massachusetts passed a law making it easier for residents to expunge marijuana crimes that have since been decriminalized from their records. But the process still isn’t automatic. So, this weekend, a company with dispensaries in Massachusetts is hoping to give locals a helping hand. WBUR’s Amy Sokolow reports that Ayr Wellness is planning to hold an “expungement clinic” Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. at the Connexion United Methodist Church in Somerville. It’s part of a multi-state series of clinics this weekend intended to connect attendees with legal services, re-entry programs and even potential financial support.

  • Khari Edwards, Ayr’s head of corporate social responsibility, told Sokolow that the inaugural series expunged records for 200 people last year, including 36 in Massachusetts. But he estimates that there is still “well over a six-figure” number of people in the state who need to go through the process.
  • If you can’t attend Saturday, the state also has a webpage to help residents find out if they’re eligible and…

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