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It may sound cliche but cannabis has saved my life

It was the beginning of March 2016 and I started having what the doctors said was really bad heartburn. A few days later I was being flown to Anchorage to undergo a quintuple ( yes 5) bypass. During the surgery I died twice and my phrenic nerve was cut leaving my left diaphragm paralyzed.

Over the next few months the doctors slowly increased my pills but was still going back to the er weekly. All they would do was add more and more pills.

Eventually I got fed up with taking 42 pills a day and was turned onto a vegan lifestyle with a focus on cannabis for healing. This was in October of 2016 after over 60 ER visits after my surgery.

Today I am taking zero pills (not even aspirin) and my heart function is normal, blood pressure is normal and my cholesterol is looking great. The doctors dont believe me when I tell them I am taking no medications.

I will say it again, cannabis has saved my life and it will continue to be my go to medicine.

Thank you for listening to my story.


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I am a small business owner and a believer in the healing qualities of cannabis

2 Comments on It may sound cliche but cannabis has saved my life

OfficerDickDowney said : subscriber Report one year ago

That's very frightening and inspirational. You've been through a lot. You're a brave person. Thanks for sharing your story.

cyberbumJB said : administrator Report one year ago

thanks for sharing your expeience

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