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Nelson-based startup Medical Kiwi launched a PledgeMe
campaign yesterday that aims to raise up to $3 million
through equity crowdfunding and wholesale investors.
$384,039 has been pledged through the platform by 166
investors in less than a day.

Co-founder and Chairman
Aldo Miccio is confident the market is poised for success:
“Medical cannabis is the next big wave in the medical
world. In New Zealand alone, over the next ten years, it
could be a $1 billion market opportunity.”

Kiwi has already sold its first two years of production to
Hektares, a global player in the medical cannabis industry,
equating to $30 million for 2021, and $60 million in

The funds raised from the PledgeMe campaign will
help deliver these orders and prepare for more through
further research and development, completing their first
Christchurch-based growing facility, and buying the oil
extraction equipment.

Medical Kiwi is seeking to raise
between $500,000 to $3,000,000, which represents up to 8.43%
of the company. Shares are $1 each with a minimum investment
of $500. Investors will receive non-voting shares, and those
who pledge over $40,000 will receive voting

“We’re running a campaign on PledgeMe
because we want to give fellow Kiwis the opportunity to
invest and become shareholders in Medical Kiwi,” Miccio

The PledgeMe platform has previously run three
successful medical cannabis equity campaigns, raising over
NZ$7 million from over 2,300 investors.

founder Anna Guenther says, “We’re excited to be working
with a company that creates a real impact in the lives of
Kiwis who live with a variety of medical conditions. Medical
cannabis campaigns have historically activated a wide crowd
of support, so we’re excited to see Medical Kiwi’s crowd
is no different”.

Medical Kiwi’s equity
crowdfunding campaign launched publicly on 17 August at 12

You can find the campaign and information
memorandum here:

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