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The push to get medical marijuana on the ballot falls short for a second time.The drive included two petitions, one to legalize medical cannabis and one to regulate it. Nebraska’s secretary of state said neither had the signatures needed to move forward. It’s not the first time this ballot campaign has faced disappointment. In 2020, when it did gain enough signatures, a legal battle over the language kept it from Nebraska voters. The leaders of the campaign say they are heartbroken over the setback.Most voter petition drives include paid support. Those are usually the people you meet that ask for your signature.The medical marijuana signature drive was all volunteered after two major funders died.The group says Nebraska’s system for getting items on the ballot is flawed.“You need money. and I’ll tell you, that is the one thing that my campaign lacked,” said Crista Eggers, with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana.This is more than a ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana for Crista Eggers, it’s her life. Her son suffers from epileptic seizures, and she’s fought twice now to put the issue before voters.“This decision and the lack of signatures necessary, I do not believe is a reflection of a lack of support in our state,” Eggers said.Nebraska Secretary of State Bob Evnen said this time, both initiatives were short of the goal. “They fell about 9,000 short. Each one of those two petitions fell about 9,000 signatures short in terms of valid…

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