Medical Marijuana Clears Another Hurdle in LouisianaPosted by On

Medical marijuana in Louisiana has been an issue bogged down in controversy and delay. The bill approving medicinal marijuana was passed roughly 4 years ago, yet those with severe medical conditions are still without this treatment option.

Many have been pointing fingers and casting blame on the AG Department, claiming they are either purposely trying to slow down the process or that they’re just so out of their element that they are accidentally halting the process. As Doug Boudreaux, local pharmacist and owner of Hope Pharmacy, told KEEL News: “Why is the AG Department testing for pesticides when the plants are grown inside and the only grower approved by the state is not using any?” There certainly have been some questionable decisions made since this process started.

But, no matter what the issues have been or who is to blame for those issues, medical marijuana in Louisiana did…

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