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Luke J. Marino stands in the "man trap" separating the lobby from the sales floor in Tuscarawas County's first medical marijuana dispensary, Ratio Cannabis. Only one of the trap's two doors can open at a time. The feature is designed to prevent unauthorized entry to the sales area.
  • Ratio Cannabis is scheduled to open Feb. 27.
  • The medical marijuana dispensary is at 1145 W. High Ave. in Goshen Township.
  • Admission is limited to people with an Ohio medical marijuana card issued by a doctor.

GOSHEN TWP. ‒ Tuscarawas County’s first medical marijuana dispensary, Ratio Cannabis, is scheduled to open Feb. 27 at 1145 West High Ave.

The location, formerly a drive-through beverage store, is on an island of township property surrounded by land that lies within the municipal corporation of New Philadelphia, and in the city’s busy commercial corridor.

Luke J. Marino, majority owner of Ratio Cannabis, talks about an artistic rendering of tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive constituent of cannabis, in the dispensary's lobby. He created the artwork with his brother, Mark Marino.
Ratio Cannabis majority owner Luke J. Marino and minority owner Paul A. Richmond helped craft this ceiling light fixture that hangs in the retail sales area of the medical marijuana dispensary near New Philadelphia.
Luke J. Marino sits at the desk in the lobby of his medical marijuana dispensary Ratio Cannabis. The business is scheduled to open Feb. 27. Admission is to be limited to Ohio medical marijuana card holders.

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A ceiling light fixture crafted by minority owner Paul A. Richmond and majority owner Luke J. Marino hangs above the retail sales floor at Ratio Cannabis.

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A pass-through window, at right, allows Ratio Cannabis employees to pass medical marijuana products from the secure preparation area to technicians in the retail sales area, where customers will be served. Illuminated boxes in the foreground will feature artwork, according to majority owner Luke J. Marino.

Entry to the state-licensed facility is be limited to those holding an Ohio medical marijuana card from a doctor. Majority owner Luke J. Marino said others may be permitted to enter, such as a parent of a child who is authorized to have medical marijuana.

Security measures include a locked outer door. Cameras and monitors allow an employee in the lobby to see customers outside.

The lobby of Ratio Cannabis has chairs for customers and a "man trap," at right that separates the entry area from the sales floor.

Once inside, customers must travel through a “man trap,” a security feature separating the lobby from the sales floor. Only one door of the trap opens at a time, controlling access.

Marino said other security features include a locked garage for deliveries and a vault for storage. Products are to be…

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