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EUSTIS — The emerging medical marijuana industry was supposed to provide pain relief to thousands of Floridians, but for one Eustis community, it’s nothing but a pain.

Residents along a rural stretch of County Road 44A are taking exception to the noise and smells emanating from a medical marijuana farm that ramped up about a month ago.

“I’m not against medical marijuana by no means. If it helps someone who’s sick, that’s great, but why should it affect my life? I can’t even have peace at my own home,” Ted Miller said. “I don’t like the strong smell of marijuana either, and you can see kids holding their noses at school bus stops, but that’s not even the biggest issue I’m having. It’s the noise. It’s unbearable really and it’s 24/7.

Miller said it started about a month ago when he was woken one night at 3:30 a.m. by a loud humming sound,…

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