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Oklahoma’s Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs (OBN) reported Friday that the agency’s investigation linked sex trafficking, prostitution, and drug trafficking to medical marijuana farms across the state. These illegal activities seem to be part of an Asian organized crime network, according to Fox 25.

“This organization provides criminal services for several medical marijuana farms in Oklahoma,” OBN spokesman Mark Woodward said, reported KOCO Oklahoma City. “Our investigation has uncovered evidence of sex trafficking linked to the recruitment of undocumented Asian females for the purpose of engaging in prostitution that caters to managers and administrators of numerous marijuana farms around the state.”

OBN’s investigation found four to five ounces of ketamine, discovered four houses in Oklahoma City that were used for prostitution, recovered around $20,000 to $30,000, and arrested two men, Jian Lin and Jianfa Zhou on drug charges.

“We knew, going back two years ago when we started seeing a lot of criminal organizations out of China, Mexico, Russia coming to Oklahoma, getting a license for the black market, that this was going to go far beyond just an illegal marijuana growing operation,” said Woodward who added “[With] organized crime, it’s all about making money. Whether that’s moving marijuana, moving people, moving weapons. It’s far from over.”

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