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DOES GEORGIA’S low THC oil registry work for all Georgians who need it? 

No, not unless you’re able to pay for access — and even then, no.

Before we continue, we must explore the difference between CBD and THC. 

Both CBD and THC are found in marijuana. THC is the component of the plant that can cause a high if taken in a quantity higher than what is legal in Georgia’s medical marijuana law.

CBD found in Georgia is grown from the hemp plant, which is related to the marijuana plant, but it does not contain THC.  

The low THC oil that is legal for some patients in Georgia is CBD dominant and contains minimal THC — the medication will not get you high. 

CBD has gained immensely in popularity and you can purchase it in many forms over-the-counter. Oils, capsules, lotions containing CBD are easy to find in many local Savannah pharmacies and stores – you can even purchase CBD products specifically made for your pets.  

Low THC oil is highly regulated and you can’t purchase it in Georgia yet, but it’s coming since the state legislature passed HB 324 during the last session, a law which will allow up to 9 acres of indoor growing space for medical marijuana oil.

But it could take a year or longer before state-sanctioned low THC oil is available in Georgia – the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis board has not yet been appointed and once the appointments are made, there is a lot of work to do before growing can even begin.    

Since 2015, there has been a Georgia low THC oil registry, but patients have to drive out of state or purchase online with their state-issued low THC oil registry card. Up until now, state law prohibited buying, selling or transporting the oil. 

So even though a patient had their low THC oil registry card making it legal to possess the oil, it was still illegal to obtain the oil.

There are seventeen conditions in Georgia where low THC oil is legal. Ten of the conditions are when a patient is in “severe or end stage” of their illness. 

A professional in the medical field said, “Just legalize it already. On the continuum of severity, end stage is at the end.  Nowhere to go but in the ground.”

There are only 10,543 people who reside in Georgia who have their low THC oil card versus estimated 13,676 Georgia residents who have Crohn’s Disease, one of the seventeen qualifying conditions.   

If you have a qualifying condition, first you…

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