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If you have PTSD & have been using cannabis to cope this is the blog for you. I wanted to talk about living with PTSD. I know for me, if it were not for cannabis I would have ended things a long time ago. I was misdiagnosed as bipolar for 10 years. I was self medicating like crazy because I knew I still had noise n my head no matter how much crap they prescribed me. Nothing was working because they’d been treating the wrong condition. I finally got with a therapist who had 30+ years experience in PTSD & DID. She helped get me off all of the crap medicine and I’m on a low dose SSNRI. Still in therapy. Smoking has helped ground me; centers me so I don’t have flashbacks and night terrors. I thanks God every day for blessing us with the medication that works and it’s growing right under our noses . I deal with chronic pain too and smoking I feel an immediate release in my muscles. For anyone struggling with the decision whether to allow yourself to participate in this approach to symptom management, you’ve tried everything else, what are you waiting for?

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