Medical Marijuana Use Linked To 74% Increased Risk Of Heart Rhythm Disorders In A Hospital Study: What Does This Really Mean?Posted by On

This article was originally published in Agust 2022.

New research presented at ESC Congress 2022 revealed a correlation between medical marijuana use and heart rhythm disorders.

Researchers from Gentofte University Hospital, Denmark examined data from almost 5,000 patients who used medical cannabis to treat chronic pain. What they discovered, as the European Society of Cardiology reported, is that “medical cannabis users have a 74% higher risk of heart rhythm disorders compared with non-users,” study author Dr. Nina Nouhravesh said.

Before you put out the joint in your hand, wait for the study details and remember that correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation.

Study Highlights

 “Chronic pain is a rising problem,” Nouhravesh said. “According to Danish health authorities, 29% of Danish adults over 16 years of age reported chronic pain in 2017, up from 19% in 2000. Medical cannabis was approved in January 2018 on a trial basis in Denmark, meaning that physicians can prescribe it for chronic pain if all other measures, including opioids, have proven insufficient. Safety data are sparse, hence this study investigated the cardiovascular side effects of medical cannabis, and arrhythmias in particular, since heart rhythm disorders have previously been found in users of recreational cannabis.”

Those 4931 patients who took part in the study claimed at least one prescription of marijuana – dronabinol 29%, cannabinoids 46%, and cannabidiol 25. Each user was…

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