Medical marijuana users should be patients — in Kentucky, they’re criminalsPosted by On

I am a civil rights lawyer who lost an important case last week. Losses are an inevitability in my line of work; you learn to take your lumps. But this one is different.

Had this suit been successful, it would have allowed doctors to prescribe cannabis to patients who need it in the commonwealth of Kentucky. Had we won, Kentucky would have become the 34th state in the union to allow medical marijuana in some form. Had the courts agreed with my clients, they would have been free to choose a course of treatment that is recognized by a growing number of experts worldwide.   

Amy Stalker was prescribed cannabis in two different states by two different medical professionals before she moved back to her home state to take care of her sick mom. In two other places in our country, she was a patient; here, she’s a criminal.

Dan Seum is a Kentucky senator’s son and a former…

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