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The clinical study was a blinded, randomised trial showing plasma concentrations were achieved quickly with a product half-life of about four hours.

() has obtained crucial pharmacokinetic (PK) study data after completion and independent review of its second PK study using fully completed NanaBidial formulation.

NanaBidial is a high CBD, low THC-containing formula using Medlab’s proprietary delivery platform NanoCelle.

It has proven safe, fast-acting and positive for absorption and metabolism in a healthy human cohort.

Proving the product’s efficacy

Medlab chief executive officer Sean Hall said the company was in a unique and privileged position, possessing proof through clinical studies that its cannabis formulations are absorbed and how the body reacts and metabolises.

He said: “This is essential to regulatory efforts in proving the product’s efficacy and more-so to the medical community who require a detailed understanding of the body’s utilisation of any given pharmaceutical product.

Commercially strong position

Medlab now holds PK data for both the NanaBis and NanaBidial, for various patient cohorts.

While there is some inter-study variability, this was expected considering the candidates used in the various PK programs.

The current result now provides Medlab with a further rounded, holistic view on how the human body will utilise Medlab’s cannabis-based medicine products.

Positive data from the clinical trial also puts Medlab in a commercially strong position.

“Better option than other offerings”

Hall continued: “We are bringing to an effective conclusion the debate as to how NanoCelle cannabis formulations work, how they are absorbed and how they are eliminated, and thus why NanoCelle cannabis formulations are a better option than other offerings.

“The benefit is the uniqueness that these profiles provide for each product, with the knowledge that they cannot be surrogated by other cannabis marketers.

“Medlab is (as so far as the global cannabis market is concerned) one of the very small handful of companies that hold such evidence for their products.”

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