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Skymint senior cultivation manager Ryan Alberhasky examines the progress of budding marijuana plants Tuesday, April 26, 2022, at Skymint's Harvest Park production facility near Dimondale.

More than three years after state-licensed sales of recreational cannabis began in Michigan, three Greater Lansing communities – Meridian Township, Charlotte and Potterville – are considering marijuana businesses within their borders.

Though discussions among officials in the municipalities are at different stages, opting to allow recreational marijuana stores would bring in thousands of dollars for each.

The Michigan Regulation of Marijuana and Taxation Act creates a pool of money from recreational marijuana purchases and redistributes it to municipalities that allow cannabis shops.

Totals for 2022 will be released next month by the state treasury, but municipalities throughout the state earned $56,000 per licensed cannabis shop in 2021, up from $28,000 the previous year. For their combined 19 stores, Lansing and East Lansing received more than $1 million dollars, according to the state treasury department.

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