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Proof of concept demonstration will help ports, flag administrations and local authorities understand the advantages of adopting Methanol as fuel

This video is a celebration of the work done by FASTWATER and the SMA which demonstrates the immediate potential of Methanol to help the shipping industry transition to low carbon operations”

— Gregory Dolan, CEO, Methanol Institute

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, July 13, 2022 / — The Methanol Institute (MI) and FASTWATER have released a video highlighting the benefits of Methanol as a marine fuel for small craft operating in ports and inshore waters.

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The film highlights the launch in late 2021 of the first pilot boat operated by the Swedish Maritime Administration converted to run on methanol by the FASTWATER consortium. The conversion is the first of a potential fleet conversion by the SMA, adopting Methanol to lower pollution and cut carbon emissions.

The demonstration, held in Stockholm, Sweden, provided a showcase for the ease and practicality of converting an existing marine engine to run on Methanol, as well as the simplicity of the bunkering process. The pilot boat runs on sustainable, renewable biomethanol provided by Södra, which transported the plant-based bio-methanol – used onboard the boat – by road to the pilot station.

With funding from the European Commission, FASTWATER is a consortium of Europe’s maritime research and technology leaders engaged in…

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