Michigan Eases Rules For Entry Into Recreational Marijuana MarketPosted by On

Michigan is easing rules for entry into the state’s recreational marijuana market.

The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency or MRA said that from March 1, 2021, it will start accepting applications for recreational marijuana licenses from any applicant who did not previously hold a medical marijuana license. The regulator expects the move will help minimize the illegal market for marijuana in the state.

The new recreational marijuana licenses will be made available for retailers, Class B and C cultivators, processors, testing labs and transporters. These businesses will no longer be required to first hold a medical marijuana business license.

“As the commercial marijuana market in the state grows, the impact of the illicit market remains a primary concern. Products from the illicit market are not grown or processed under the strict conditions required in the regulated market or tested by state licensed safety compliance facilities for harmful contaminants,” the MRA said.


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