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MILFORD, Del. — Despite several Delaware beach towns deciding to ban marijuana-related business, Milford officials are considering not banning it. 

According to Milford City Manager Mark Whitfield, the city council discussed the matter at a workshop last Wednesday.  

“They have been very open to having the sale of recreational marijuana within the city,” says Whitfield. “They want to take a look at what restrictions the state may put in to place and where they’re located, but there’s not been any type of strong sentiment to ban recreational marijuana within the city.”

Milford is already home to two medical marijuana growth facilities. Any ordinances or regulations have yet to be set, but Whitfield says town leaders would like to be consistent in accepting the sale of both forms of the drug.

“If it’s going to happen anyway, they’ve somewhat embraced the fact that it should be within city limits,” Whitfield. “We want the business, but what restrictions should there be on the business in terms of hours of operation and that sort of thing.”

Some neighbors agree.

“We’ve got a really beautiful downtown area, and I don’t see the problem with bringing more business into it,” says James Metts. “I think it’s something that’s good for the town as a whole. You don’t see that many negative consequences and we’ve already got a CBD place on the corner, so…

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