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The U.S. military has taken great pains to communicate to service members that CBD is off limits. And, apparently at one point, that included staging and filming a fictional press conference on the policy, where questions touched on hypotheticals like the eating cannabis-infused burritos and washing cats with CBD shampoos.

Around the time that the Department of Defense (DOD) codified its rules around the non-intoxicating cannabinoid in 2019, the military released the fake “CBD Policy Press Conference,” which it described as a “humorous look” at the serious policy.

The department isn’t newly publicizing this three-year-old video, but it recently showed up on a web search result that Marijuana Moment picked up on. And in the interest of informing the public, we couldn’t in good conscience let this one go unnoticed.

Numerous military branches have addressed CBD use in the years since—and some, like the Air Force, have discussed the ban in lighthearted terms—but the DOD production took the idea of a cannabis PSA to a new level.

Here’s the transcript of the fictional military news briefing on CBD: 

DOD spokesperson: Thank you for coming today. We just want to reiterate that the DOD’s policy on CBD is that it cannot be used by service members for any reason due to its unregulated nature and the possibility of THC. If a service member has a positive drug test, CBD is not a valid excuse. I can now take a few questions.

Reporter #1: What about CBD oil?


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