Minnesota’s medical cannabis program adds sickle cell disease, chronic vocal or motor tic disorder to list of qualifying medical conditionsPosted by On

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December 1, 2020

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The Minnesota Department of Health will add sickle cell disease and chronic vocal or motor tic disorder to its list of qualifying medical conditions for participation in the state’s medical cannabis program.

Under state law, the new qualifying conditions will take effect in August 2021.

As in past years, MDH conducted a formal petitioning process to solicit public input on potential qualifying conditions and delivery methods for medicine. Throughout June and July, Minnesotans submitted petitions. Following that, the process then moved into a public comment period and a public review panel.

Sickle cell disease is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders, affecting mainly people who are Black or African American. One of the health problems sickle cell disease triggers is severe pain, caused when sickle cells get stuck in small blood vessels and block the flow of blood and oxygen to organs in the body.

“Giving sickle cell patients a more direct pathway into the medical cannabis program will permit them a non-opioid…

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