Missouri Police Object To New Ad For Marijuana Legalization Ballot Initiative That Shows OfficersPosted by On

Missouri activists announced on Wednesday that they’ve launched two new digital ads to build support for a marijuana legalization initiative that voters will decide on next month. But Missouri police are notifying the public that they did not sign off on one that briefly shows an officer in the pro-reform video.

Legal Missouri 2022 said the 15-second ads—which focus on the criminal justice consequences of cannabis criminalization and the tax revenue benefits of enacting legalization—will broadcast on digital platforms throughout the state.

One ad titled “Too Many” focuses on the thousands of people who have cannabis convictions on their records, highlighting the expungements provisions of the ballot measure.

“Too many people in Missouri have a criminal record because of arrests for small amounts of marijuana,” the narrator says. “Amendment 3 will expunge the records of non-violent marijuana offenders and safely legalize marijuana. It’s time to vote yes on Amendment 3.”

The second ad, “Our Turn,” points out that 19 states have elected to legalize cannabis for adult use.

“Now it’s our turn, Missouri,” it says. “A vote yes on Amendment 3 is a vote to let police focus on serious crime and give millions in new funding to veteran’s health care. For our police, for our vets: vote yes on 3.”

The ad briefly shows b-roll of law…

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