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Missouri marijuana regulators have issued five new medical marijuana facility licenses in the state after finding that they had awarded duplicate manufacturing licenses to some applicants earlier.

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services or DHSS said Friday that during the compliance review process for all new medical marijuana facility licenses, it found that certain infused product manufacturing facilities in the state had received multiple licenses for a single proposed facility. These applicants had submitted duplicative applications for licensure.

While the applicants are not prohibited from submitting duplicative applications, each facility can only utilize one license. The DHSS said that it has therefore, merged the redundant licenses for three facilities and issued five new licenses to other applicants.

The duplicate licenses that were awarded to Verano MO LLC, Teal Labs LLC, and Grassroots Opco MO, LLC were merged.

According to the DHSS, merger of the redundant licenses will not impact the ability of these facilities to implement what they proposed in their applications, while the grant of new licenses will ensure the minimum number of licenses required by the state law is actually in use.

The DHSS said it issued five new medical marijuana facility licenses…

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