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Ranked choice voting and marijuana legalization, you’ve probably been asked to sign a petition for one or both of these things over the past few months. Campaigns needed about 170,000 signatures of registered voters to get these issues on Missouri ballots.Both say they got way more than that.Backers of the push to legalize marijuana in the state say they dropped off nearly 400,000 signatures at the secretary of state’s office Sunday. Those numbers are more than double the required amount to get on the ballot.The constitutional amendment would legalize recreational marijuana for those 21 and over. The state would collect a six-percent sales tax on it. That would generate more than $40 million in revenue a year.It would also expunge the records of hundreds of thousands of Missourians charged with non-violent marijuana offenses.”This is really just wiping the slate clean and giving those people a fresh start and quite frankly transformative,” Legal MO 2022 Campaign Sponsor Alan Zagier said. Another group dropping off signatures is the Better Election Campaign. It would institute ranked choice voting in the state. “There’s no reason in this time with all the dysfunction in government in Jeff City and Washington that we shouldn’t have more choices in our elections.”If passed, Missouri would no longer have separate partisan primaries. The top four vote-getters would advance to the general election, where voters would then rank them according to preference.”The data…

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