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Thanks to a new state constitutional amendment, recreational cannabis has been legalized in Missouri. Yes, Amendment 3 passed, but let’s not light up the sky in celebration yet. Marijuana possession laws are still on the books until Dec. 8. The Missouri State Highway Patrol and your local police department would love nothing more than to make a few more marijuana arrests for good measure before the new law goes into effect.

Attitudes toward the leafy green plant are changing. And that was reflected in Tuesday’s vote. The new adult-use marijuana law, approved by a large majority, is no panacea to true criminal justice reform. But voters sent a clear message that Missourians should not be detained, cited or arrested for minor possession of a drug now legal in more than 20 states.

Missourians over the age of 21 are legally allowed to possess, cultivate or sell up to 3 ounces of pot for recreational use, one of the largest legal limits in the country. Pot users, stay alert, though. We asked law enforcement agencies in the Kansas City area and the Highway Patrol about its plans for the next month or so. Guess how many gave a solid answer on how officers and troopers would handle minor marijuana offenses over the next few weeks? None. Take note and proceed with caution. Better safe than sorry.

Driving under the influence of cannabis is still illegal, as is supplying weed to minors. Your employer still has the right to fire you for being stoned on the clock, and toking up in…

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