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Mixing Cannabis Strains

Mixing cannabis strains produces special sensations, as well as taste and flavors. The possibilities are endless when it comes to developing unique mixtures and strain characteristics.

For both recreational and medical marijuana users, mixing cannabis strains can be a rewarding experience. Furthermore, combining cannabis strains changes their taste and flavor, allowing you to create new combinations that better suit your tastes.

Creating blends gives medical marijuana users more control over their treatment. Allowing them to maximize desirable effects while reducing or eliminating negative ones.

For recreational users it offers more control over their experience, they also raise their odds of achieving the sensations and effects they desire.

Why Should You Mix Cannabis Strains

People mix cannabis strains for a variety of reasons. The most common of which is to achieve a unique high or to experience extremely particular effects.

By combining strains, smokers can take advantage of a phenomenon known as ‘the entourage effect.’. The terpenes and cannabinoids in both strains you’re smoking will provide you with not only a completely unique high, but also incredible medicinal benefits.

It will also provide you with a one-of-a-kind sensory experience in terms of flavor and aroma. This “entourage effect” is caused by the interaction of various cannabis chemicals, which results in more therapeutic effects than THC can offer alone.

This means that recreational users will have more control over their high. Smokers have a better chance of getting the effects and feelings they want by combining strains.

Mixing cannabis strains for medical marijuana patients gives them more control over their therapy. Indica strains mixed with sativas, or a sativa-leaning hybrid, can reduce the strength of undesirable effects.

What Strains To Mix & How

There is no correct or incorrect way to combine cannabis strains. For example by combining really strong Sativas with a little indica buds, you can easily prevent the anxiety that comes with them. Indica strains are good for treating nausea as well as helping with pain, insomnia, or poor appetite. This strain is also known for producing a body high that makes you feel calm.

The ratio is something you should pay close attention to. You should combine half and half of each if you want a properly balanced high.

When you combine the same amount of pure indica and pure sativa, you’ll get precisely balanced benefits. While this is great, you might achieve the same results by simply consuming a balanced hybrid strain.

If you combine two high-THC strains, you may become extremely stoned. Which can be an unpleasant experience. Starting something different with marijuana necessitates caution in order to avoid accidents. So do it at home when in order to keep it safe.

Also, remember that you should use your tolerance as a guideline. Individuals who are already experienced cannabis users are more likely to properly mix cannabis strains.

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