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This week’s Q10 features T’Shura Gibbs, the chief executive officer of Zimmer and Company, the health and wellness distribution company focused on medicinal cannabis and hemp-based Cannabidiol (CBD) products. Gibbs has become a highly visible and vocal personality in Jamaica’s burgeoning medical marijuana industry, but this was preceded by a sterling reputation for customer service both as a regional director of the Jamaica Public Service Limited and in a number of roles during her 20 years of service in the airline industry.

Gibbs, a Montegonian, has dedicated herself to the service of Montego Bay, being the executive director of the I Love MoBay Foundation, and having served as president of the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She also sits on the boards of CanEx Jamaica, CannaMexico and Northwest Construction & Development.

The well-known businesswoman is the mother of Carlesa, Alejandra, Donovan and Philippe.


Q10: Who is the single most influential person in your life and why?

GIBBS: I am going to say my mother. I gained my work ethics from her. She was a single mother, growing initially three and then four children pretty much on her own, and it was just seeing how hard she had to work to make sure we were taken care of. I grew up thinking I was wealthy and it was when I became an adult, I realised that I wasn’t but there was just so much love at home that everybody had that feeling of abundance.


Q10: Service to Montego Bay has been a big part of your life. What is your dream or ambition for Montego Bay?

GIBBS: My vision for Montego Bay is a big one. I see us elevating the people through education. I also see us lifting the consciousness of the people, especially the next generation, using various means; from teaching meditation in school to ensuring that we are giving our children the platform they need to grow. Not just sticking to traditional forms of education but identifying the strengths of our children and helping them to develop in those areas. I also see a smart city, one where we not only have Wi-Fi all over, but also where we leverage technology to improve our economy and expand our offerings.


Q10: What drives your passion for customer service?

GIBBS: I believe that if you are exchanging money you ought to get value for that money, and that value comes not just in the product that you buy but the service that is delivered. I come from a strong airline industry background and we were very customer-centric and I have…

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