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mold resistant strains

What is this black and blue bud mold? Help!

Mold resistant strains – For all growers of cannabis, black and blue mold otherwise known as botrytis is a disastrous problem. Thankfully, botrytis can be stopped and killed. Botrytis is actually fungi that feeds on the moist ripe flowers of flowering cannabis plants. Bud mold will quickly assimilate and grow throughout the entire flowering bud plant. This unfortunate circumstance is a reality for many herb cultivators growing plants in wet humid climates, such as the sub-tropics and tropics, as well as the wet and foggy coastlines of the continental United States.

Botrytis bud mold is found in a wide variety of plants, including cannabis. This includes but is not limited to:  cabbages, strawberries, grapes, apples, and oranges. This common mold botrytis is likely growing in your kitchen right now! Botrytis is as common as it’s dreaded cousin:  powdery mildew. Both botrytis bud mold and powdery mildew causes havoc on garden plants, especially on cannabis.

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Now there are many varieties of cannabis, and some are more susceptible to bud mold botrytis than others. Generally speaking, spongy-textured buds that absorb moisture tend to be the most susceptible to botrytis bud mold. Dense buds can often wick moisture instead of absorbing it, although too much moisture and water will eventually penetrate. The dense plants have a low oxygen environment anyways, which is perfect for mold growth. On the other hand, spongy-textured bud flowers tend to absorb moisture more, giving the mold disease plenty of the moisture that it needs.

So, what’s the answer?

Growing mold resistant strains

Cannabis plants that have been grown in humid, rainy, and other dank environments for a number of generations eventually adapt to the situation.

This means that over time, certain varieties of cannabis aka strains have learned to alter it’s genetics in order to fulfill it’s destiny – to make seed. Botrytis is sure a problem for a species, so cannabis being the smart adaptive plant, has learned a few tricks to make itself less appealing to the mold.

The best mold resistant strains hail from areas such as:

  • Thailand – Thailand has
  • Vietnam
  • Panama
  • Colombia
  • South Africa
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Jamaica
  • Hawaii


If you’re interested in these varieties of great strains, there’s a resource listing the bestselling cannabis seeds every month literally named Mold Resistant Strains. Created by growers on the Big Island of Hawaii who specialize in breeding strong mold resistant strains.

Below we present 5 great mold resistant strains of weed. These strains have been tested and trusted for outdoor and indoor growers who frequently deal with botrytis bud mold problems.

5 Great Mold Resistant Strains

  1. Panama Red – Panama Red is an infamous cannabis sativa variety known for it’s high high potency, and the song about it. Old-school hard-to-find genetics.
  2. Kona Gold – Kona Gold was named for it’s gold colored buds. This was achieved by Hawaiian growers ringing the bark of the plant before harvest. Potent sativa.
  3. Blue Dream – Blue Dream is a hybrid cross between a Blueberry and a Haze plant. This high yield production strain reigns supreme with cash croppers.
  4. Puna Budda – Puna Budda comes from one of the most humid and rainy places on earth – east-side Big Island, Hawaii. This strain is conditioned for mold resistance.
  5. Vietnamese Black – Vietnamese Black is a super hard-to-find cannabis strain known for it’s extremely long flowering time of over 18 weeks. The effects are intense and psychedelic. A real stoner’s favorite.

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