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When you see Initiative 190 on the general election ballot coming soon in the mail, the Montana Chamber of Commerce wants you to know they oppose the legalization of recreational marijuana on several grounds.

Chairman Richard Miltenberger said on Monday that the state chamber unanimously opposes the initiative, first because the state already faces a severe shortage of qualified workers.

“Montana’s most challenging problem for business growth is the ability to attract and retain great workers,” said Miltenberger. “This is a workforce development issue in our minds. If you look at what’s happened in Colorado and other states, it is more difficult to recruit workers who can come in and get the job done, show up on time, and get a CDL license if they need that and then be productive members of the workforce when you have recreational marijuana at play.”

 We need great workers in the state and this is going the opposite direction. We need to keep moving forward, not slam the car…

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