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MOORHEAD — Moorhead City Council on Tuesday, Oct 11, will hold its first reading of a new ordinance the

Planning Commission

provided with zoning amendments for the sale and manufacturing of cannabinoid products.

The ordinance outlines the city’s regulation of the sale of edible cannabinoid products.

Cannabinoids are a group of substances found in the cannabis plant. The main substances found in the plant are THC and CBD.

The proposed ordinance is applicable to any cannabinoid product and is intended to be consumed. It does not apply to registered medical cannabis.

While Moorhead currently has no restrictions on the sale of cannabinoids in their city code, a

recent ruling by the state of Minnesota

makes certain edible products legal for customers over 21, with state law limiting THC content to 5 milligrams.

Moorhead businesses quickly embraced this profitable industry opportunity, with

eager customers calling in daily

to inquire about their new wares known as CBD products.

Similarly to alcohol and tobacco, the ordinance says that all CBD retailers will be required to obtain a license through the City of Moorhead. The license involves background checks, non-transferable clauses and compliance checks and will be good for one year at a cost of $125.

Zoning allows for the sale of CBD products in mixed use, commercial and industrial districts, according to the ordinance,…

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