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According to a new study, more than one in four women are turning to cannabis to relieve the symptoms of menopause. That percentage is higher than the number of women who use traditional types of menopause symptom management, such as hormone therapy.

Researchers presented the study at the 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting of the North American Menopause Society, which surveyed 232 female U.S. veterans living in Northern California.

Of the women surveyed, twenty-seven percent already used cannabis to address menopausal symptoms. Another 10 percent expressed interest in using cannabis in the future. To put that in context, only 19 percent of the surveyed women expressed an interest in using hormone therapy.

The study also shows that people aren’t waiting for national legalization or even doctor’s orders to try cannabis as a medicine, especially seniors.

Relieving symptoms

The women in the study had a mean age of almost 56. Slightly more than half reported “bothersome menopause…

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