Mum divides opinion asking why 'mummy wine culture' is ok and cannabis isn'tPosted by On

A mum has divided opinion after revealing she smokes cannabis when her children are sleeping.

The mother asked fellow-mums “Am I an awful parent?” before confessing to smoking the illegal substance after her kids go to bed.

But the mum said while she knew her question would generate a lot of hate, she asked why “mummy wine culture” was acceptable but “smoking a joint or two” was “seen as neglectful”

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Posting on the popular mumsnet discussion forum, she said: “I know this will probably generate a  lot  of hate either way, so name change.
“I occasionally, smoke a joint or two to help unwind.

Whoever said parenting was easy was obviously lying. It can be such hard work! Luckily we now have a Facebook group for Scottish mums and dads to share their woes, worries and winning advice.

Whether you’re a new parent looking for answers…

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