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Marijuana has been demonized and denigrated for such a long time, even though it’s definitely not more harmful, if not less, than alcohol, for instance. Or in case of people who suffer from chronic pains, it’s quite certainly less addictive and more effective than painkillers, as legal medicinal marijuana dispensaries like claim.

Sadly, it’s a long way to actually restore the realistic image. Of course, it’s not the point to idealize marijuana and claim it is absolutely harmless in all cases, but it’s definitely far from the notorious brain-killing gateway drug it has been professed to be. So here’s an attempt to debunk a few of many absolutely overblown myths about this drug.

Pot Is a Gateway Drug

Smoking marijuana is considered the first step towards taking harder, much more dangerous drugs. This is a myth is spread usually by some types of authority, either parents or teachers with the purpose of preventing kids from taking marijuana. But smoking it or not doesn’t have much to do with the potential future usage of hard drugs and the connection has never been proved.

In fact, marijuana is often used as help and relief during rehabilitation of heavy drug addicts. It helps those struggling with addiction to make a gradual change, helping them get the similar feeling of being “high” but without such dangerous and damaging consequences.

Marijuana Is Very Addictive

No one claims that there aren’t people who face difficulties with removing marijuana from their lives. This state is called cannabis use disorder. But it’s arbitrary and irresponsible to claim that marijuana absolutely always causes physical and psychological addiction. As already mentioned, some people may experience difficulties of different intensities when forced to stop consuming it, but it definitely cannot be deemed a full-range addiction.

Stoners Are Super Lazy

Of course a joint or two cause a very relaxing feeling, sometimes making you just stay at home, watch TV and enjoy the laziness, but marijuana is far from numbing and that’s definitely not its only nor major effect, as it has been claimed.

Only recently have regular smokers started talking about all the benefits of smoking pot which has been known to stimulate creativity big time. It can actually be very motivation and energy boosting. Those who smoke sativas know that it creates the sense of euphoria, pain relief, and energy, and it is known to actually help those who suffer from chronic pains or depression get out of bed and actually do something.

Marijuana Is a Brain Killer

Contrary to what you may have heard both from weed smokers and non-smokers, there is no proven link between marijuana and memory loss, difficulty to focus, or any other alleged negative effect it has on the brain. Those who smoke marijuana a lot may look a bit spaced out and claim that’s because of the exceeding weed consumption, but there is actually no direct link between the two.

Despite numerous scientific researches which prove that marijuana does not make you stupid, such as MRI scans which show no difference between brains of smoker and non-smokers, or continuous studies conducted over decades which do not show any drop in IQ in marijuana users, it is really difficult to destroy this myth which keeps lingering.

Legalization Will Increase Crime Rates

This is one of the first arguments you’ll hear from those who oppose marijuana legalization, but it’s actually false. The data from FBI Uniform Crime report show the contrary, stating that legalizing pot actually contributes to decreasing crime rates. On the other hand, the consumption of a legal and very popular substance such as alcohol is the direct connection with about 25-30% of very violent crimes. There many more facts, but this seems enough to close the case at least for now.


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