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Times are changing, gradually it would seem but surely, intelligent laws have been replacing stereotypical ones carried forward from the early 20th century, government’s focus shifting from prohibition to education, and Nectar dispensaries represent that change. Hardly any cannabis consumer in Oregon would be unaware of Nectar as they are one of the largest and one of the most popular cannabis dispensary chains in the state, and there’s a good reason for that. Their inventory is vast, their prices low, and the cannabis high-quality; the Nectar in Eugene showcases strains and cultivars the likes of Black Buddha, Skywalker, Recon, Sour Diesel, and many others I can’t recall off the top of my head (there’s always an updated menu at the dispensaries, check it out). They stock all the smoking basics of course, seeds, vape cartridges, rolling papers and trays, but I get particularly excited about their menu of baked goods, chocolates, spreads, soaking salts, sprays, balms, and the list goes on; all items come with cannabis infusions, CBD and THC formulas up to 500mg.

Revisiting the wind of change that I mentioned Nectar represents, it’s one where focus is shifting from stereotypical prohibition to educating the public on responsible consumption and the importance of making informed decisions. In the cannabis industry, Nectar, with their focus on customer service, is at the forefront of that revolution. The first time I visited their dispensary in Eugene I was pleasantly surprised by several things, one of them being the vibrant, positive and incredibly helpful attitudes of their budtenders. I’d like to think of myself as an informed consumer, but I’m no professional so it’s refreshing when the staff at Nectar, Eugene (I’m sure staff at other outlets are equally helpful) outline the strains and compositions, ask me what I’m after and suggest the best fit rather than the most expensive one like most other dispensaries I’ve visited. When you walk out, you don’t feel ripped off, you feel informed and satisfied with your purchase, and that’s why you go back. By helping cannabis-lovers make informed decisions rather than getting them to buy the most expensive product on the shelf, Nectar has cracked the secret to customer retention.

Something else that has always pleasantly surprised me about Nectar is the incredibly low prices of their products. All their strains are premium quality, give off the most extraordinary aroma, and are always as fresh as one can hope them to be, so you’d expect them to charge more for that, but they charge less, which is both astonishing and pleasing. “If it’s too good to be true it probably is”, doesn’t seem to be applying to Nectar and that might be because they grow much of what they sell, as one of the budtenders at the Eugene dispensary told me on a visit.

With quality strains, record-low prices, and a focus on customer service and education, Nectar doesn’t seem to be in the business just to make money, but to further this revolution of informed, responsible cannabis consumption.

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