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Written by Hernán Panessi for El Planteo.

“I think that viewers enjoy the culinary sophistication and the chefs’ skills, as well as the guests and the games, the educational component and the humor,” acknowledges Leather Storrs, chef and host of “Cooked with Cannabis,” a Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX) cuisine show, focused on marijuana.

“Cooked With Cannabis” is a cooking contest in which three cooks prepare cannabis infused meals in front of the Netflix audience, competing for the chance to win around $10,000. The hosts, Storrs and R&B and neo-soul singer Kelis, invite their friends to the jury, to evaluate the cooks’ culinary delights.

“I’ve made many, many, many marijuana edibles,” begins Leather Storrs (yes, that is his real name). The chef from Portland, Oregon, has been cooking with cannabis for almost 10 years now.

Throughout the concoction of the dishes and, fundamentally, during the arguments that the participants make in front of the “jury of…

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