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The race is on to alter Ohio’s marijuana law before it goes into effect Thursday. 

Rep. Gary Click, R-Vickery, recently introduced House Bill 341 — which would change how the revenue funds would be allocated and allow municipalities to ban marijuana dispensaries and home grow. 

Ohioans passed Issue 2 with 57% of the vote, which legalizes and regulates the cultivation, manufacturing, testing and the sale of marijuana to Ohioans 21 and upIt also legalizes home grow for Ohioans 21 and up with a limit of six plants per person and 12 plants per residence, and imposes a 10% tax at the point of sale for each transaction. 

What’s in the bill?

The bill wipes out an entire section of the law that prohibits municipalities from banning home grow, marijuana use and levying special taxes or fees on marijuana businesses. 

Issue 2 creates five funds in the state treasury: the adult use tax fund, the cannabis social equity and jobs fund, the host community cannabis fund, the substance abuse and addiction fund, and the division of cannabis control and tax commissioner fund. 

HB 341 would split the substance abuse funds in two — the substance abuse research and education fund, and the substance abuse addiction and recovery fund. It would also add the law enforcement cannabis training fund. 

Because of the revenue alterations, the bill changes how the funds would be allocated. 

Instead of 36% going to both the cannabis social equity and jobs fund, and the host…

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