New Book…"How My Heavenly Mother Saved Me From the Hellish Nuns!"Posted by On

New Mom vs. the nuns book set to awaken memories of all who attended Catholic school!

McGuire colorful memoirs is being finished up! His mom book is the basis for the first chapter!

Nuns hoisted author by his ears, beat his knuckles with a ruler for writing left-handed & threatened him with the horror of hairy palms for touching himself!

McGuire is looking like he should be holding a mint julep, or yachting or doing something else genteel. His face is aristocratic… his manner is intense.”

— Monica Hesse • The Washington Post

NEW YORK, NY, USA, October 14, 2020 / — Washington, D.C. photographer, author and publisher has just released a new book, sure to bring back dinner-table, book-club, and camp-fire stories to all who survived catholic school nuns, evangelical preachers, and all the righteous who threatened hellfire and damnation when we were young.

“Much of it is…

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