New contract appeal may further delay Maine’s rollout of marijuana salesPosted by On




PORTLAND — A former Colorado policeman turned pot regulator is at the heart of a conflict-of-interest dispute that threatens to delay the rollout of adult-use marijuana sales in Maine.

Lewis Koski has two jobs. He is a partner in Freedman & Koski, the Colorado firm that initially lost and then won a $189,000 consulting contract to write Maine’s marijuana regulations that map out how the state will oversee key marijuana issues, such as a track-and-trace inventory system. Koski also is employed as an executive at Franwell Inc., a Florida company that signed, lost and is now rebidding for a $150,000 state track-and-trace system contract.

His two employers and the Department of Administrative and Financial Services, the state agency in charge of procuring these contracts, say there is no conflict of interest. Neither of Koski’s…

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