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Parking at Zero Place. (Photo by Lauren Thomas)

The Village of New Paltz Planning Board is still considering a special use permit for the opening of a marijuana dispensary at Zero Place, a mixed-use building at 87 North Chestnut Street. The potential business avoided being referred to the Ulster County Planning Board last week, but is still in limbo while awaiting a traffic management plan from a municipal consultant.

Net-Zero Development, LLC is seeking approval for a retail use not currently listed in zoning for Zero Place for approximately 4,000 square-feet of retail space, plus an additional 800 square-feet of office and storage space. The property is listed in the Neighborhood Business Residential zone, and in addition to ground floor retail space, also has 25 two-bedroom and 21 one-bedroom units across three stories. 

The dispensary is likely to open as an appointment-only business for an indeterminate period of time to ensure the parking lot isn’t overwhelmed and unusable for residents and other retail tenants. At a Planning Board meeting held on Tuesday, July 16, David Shepler, a partner at Zero Place, but not one of the dispensary applicants, addressed a series of traffic and congestion questions previously asked in writing by the Planning Board. 

To begin with, the appointment-only system would mean no walk-up business, and Shepler said anyone coming to the dispensary without an appointment would be directed to visit the business’s website to make…

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