New Study: States With Fewer Legal Marijuana Restrictions Have More Teen Consumption And Mental Health DeclinesPosted by On

A new study conducted by the Drug-Free America Foundation and commissioned by Johnny’s Ambassadors concluded that states with fewer legal restrictions on marijuana have seen more use among teens as well as declining mental health.

In addition, The Center Square,  which reported the study, stated that there seems to be “an association between adolescent cannabis use, the use of high potency cannabis products, and increased risk of psychosis.

“A difference-in-means test demonstrates that cannabis use is higher among all age groups in more highly permissive states, with 47 percent more monthly cannabis use among adolescents (ages 12-17) and 81 percent more monthly cannabis use among young adults (ages 18-25) in US states with fully legalized recreational cannabis programs than states where cannabis use has not been legalized,” the report said. “While cannabis use grew, subsequent raises in mean averages for major depressive events, severe mental illnesses, and suicidal thoughts all increased in more highly permissive US states.”

Researchers are calling for a deeper look into this apparent corollary relationship, by studying high-potency products.

“The research results presented in this study demonstrate that for each one percent increase in overall monthly cannabis use, self-reported major depression increased by 0.45 percent for adolescents and 0.21 percent for young adults,” the report said. “For every one percent increase in overall monthly cannabis use…

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