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Chicago’s own Dr. Dana Varble, chief medical officer North American Veterinary Community VMX Veterinary Conference talks with Steve from the Conference in Orlando, FL about new technology which will help your pets in 2023, including a new drug (Solensia) approved specifically for arthritis in cats and new ways to identify cancers early.

Dr. Joe Wakshlag, professor Cornell University on what we know or don’t know regarding benefits of CBD products for pets.

Wildcat is a docudrama featuring Harry Turner with another researcher Samantha Zwicker living in the Peruvian jungle. Harry explains what that was really like and his passion, re-introducing a young ocelot (a species of wildcat) into the jungle. We also discuss how Harry’s dealing with PTSD led to a potential suicide attempt. Wildcat is most certainly a moving story, available on Amazon Prime.

The World Small Animal Veterinary Association calls out extreme breeding of brachycephalic breeds an international canine welfare crisis.