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Video: New Hampshire stands alone as only New England state without legal marijuana

New Hampshire is now the only state in New England that has not legalized marijuana for adult recreational use over the last six years through ballot initiatives and legislation, cannabis prohibition has fallen from maine to Rhode Island advocates never thought the granite state would stand alone like this. I see live free or die on every license plate for all 15 years that I’ve been working on this issue and Like *** lot of other people, I’m still waiting for the state legislature to deliver on that promise when it comes to cannabis. Polls have long shown public support for legalization here. The obstacle has been at the state house where lawmakers have been unable to reach consensus and change has been slow and incremental limited medical marijuana in 2013, possession of small amounts of cannabis decriminalized in 2017. And since then, the new Hampshire House of Representatives has voted consistently in favor of legalization, lead on the issue until recently by the late Representative Renny cushing. It shows that new Hampshire has *** willingness to get in step with all the states surrounding it. But in the state…

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